A7.480 Amplifier

Channels: 7


For years home cinema amplifiers have possessed powerful capabilities... but all too often that results in an over amplified sound that is less than ideal. The A7 is a superlative incarnation of an amplifier realized; a perfect, insanely dynamic, multi-channel amplifier. Starke Sound sets a new standard with the A7 Mark II, a state of the art amplifier which is capable of up to 480W output per channel into 4 ohms. Every channel is truly independent with its own thermal management system, power supply, and fully balanced topology. The Mark II has an extremely high-biased design that maintains class A operation for nearly all musical or audio signals. We allow the amp to slide into class AB but only at extremely high output level outputs. The thermally controlled fans only turn on when high power is in demand. This ensures the amplifier is able to perform within the temperature range required to produce powerful and high quality audio output. The Mark II’s extremely low distortion and rich energy is the driving force behind our home cinema and Hi-Fi systems.

 The A7 comes in a 4 models:

  • 7 Channel
  • 2 Channel Fanless
  • 3 Channel Fanless
  • 4 Channel Fanless


 Output Power 480W RMS x at 4 Ω
240W RMS x7 at 8 Ω
Class A power 50W at 2Ω, 4Ω, 8Ω
Amplifier type Class A + AB
Frequency Response 1Hz - 100Khz  +/- 0.1DB
Maximum output current per channel 50A
Signal-To-Noise Ratio(SNR) 115dB, “A” weighted
Input terminals 7 single-ended via beryllium copper RCA connectors, gold plated.
7 balanced via Neutrik XLR locking connectors, gold plated.
Output terminals 7 pairs of Beryllium copper binding posts
Color options Black
Full Size W 17.7 x H 10.3 x D 17.7 inches (w/ foot)

W 450 x H 273 x D 450mm (w/ foot)
Weight 140 lbs (63.5kg)
Shipping size L 27.3 x W 26.5 x H 18.2 inches
L 693 x W 673 x H 462 mm
Shipping weight 145 lbs (65.9 kg)

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