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News 1/24/2022

We are excited to announce that great progress has been made on the development of the new Starke Sound 3rd-generation Class D amplifiers.

At this point there is no remaining inventory of our 2nd gen amplifier, the AD4.320, and all future production will be focused on the new line, available for ordering this Spring.

Stay tuned for details on these new, exciting products!

The Starke Sound AD4.320

The Starke Sound AD4.320 is a true audiophile multichannel amp. Its unique ability to maintain consistent voicing while running in 4 channel, 3 channel, or 2 channel mode makes it perfect for home theater and critical 2 channel listening. Do you want to run a pair of stereo speakers? Simply bridge to two channels! How about the front soundstage for your home theater? Bridge 2 channels and operate in 3 channel mode with consistent voicing across all 3 channels! Did I hear you want to add 4 Dolby Atmos channels? Operate in 4 channel mode to add amazing impact to your cinema experience. This amp is truly unique!

NS600 Module

To give the AD4 true audiophile performance, Starke Sound’s electronics team developed the innovative Class D NS600 amplification module. This in house custom built module is unique to the Starke brand and isn't available in any other amplifier. 

Two Toroidal Transformers 

They don't turn into amazing robots, but they do run cooler and more efficiently than their non-toroidal counterparts!


Chassis Mounted XLR and RCA Connections

The AD4.320 supports both balanced and unbalanced sources. Be confident that no matter your source the AD4.320 can make it sing!

Multichannel Flexibility

Combining the high efficiency of class D and the warm sound of class AB amplifiers, the AD4 also offers the flexibility of 4-channel or bridged 2 or 3-channel operation. The AD4 is a perfect combination of usability and performance.


Unique Designs Unique to Starke Sound

Starke Sound has leveraged its extensive engineering talent, lead by Dan Wiggins, to create innovative and unique products for over 10 years. This amplification technology and design can only be found in 1 place: the AD4.320.


AD4.320 Performance Notice

If you have an AD4.320 that is experiencing issues please contact us at with your order name, order number, serial number and experienced issue so we can help you identify and resolve the problem. This offer of extended service is valid through April 22nd , 2022 at which time our normal return policy and 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for the AD4.320 will remain in effect. 

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