SUB35 Subwoofer

Color: Red


 Compact Size, Uncompromising Power

This new model employs an advanced 12-inch carbon fiber active transducer and two 12-inch passive radiators. The SUB35 is designed to deliver extreme dynamics and the lowest distortion for music and cinema sound reproduction. Included are a built-in 1000-watt RMS amplifier and a broad range of controls for refined system integration. 

Key Features:

  • Compact Size, Good WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)
  • Uncompromising Deep Bass in compact cabinet (Down to 20hz)
  • Built in 3200watt Class H amplifier(max)
  • 12-inch LMF-TECH driver with dual 12-inches carbon fiber sandwiched passive radiator
  • Adjustable Knob for Response Curve (Flat to Punchy)
  • Special made halo level circuit boards, OFC cooper layers with thick gold plating
  • 115/230V switchable


12 inch NeoPower driver
2 x 12-inch passive radiators
Amplifier 1000W RMS (3200W short-term)
Max SPL Output (1m) 116dB
Frequency Response 20Hz-360Hz
Active Driver 12 inch
with LMF technology
1-piece carbon fibre sandwich cone
Radiators 2 passive drivers, flat honeycomb sandwich cone
Voice Coil Four-layer, 52mm, PICCAW wire
Basket Powder-coated cast aluminum basket
Magnets 2 High-grade ferrite magnets
Input terminals XLR balanced input
RCA stereo inputs, pair
Crossover 25-120Hz
Phase 0-180 degrees
Equalizer None
Bass Enhancement(Flat-Punch knob) Yes
Power selector Off/Auto/On
Volt Switch 115V/230V
Grill None
Finish Piano Lacquer
Color options Piano Black / Piano White / Piano Red
Full Size H 14.1 x W 14.1 x D 14.1 inches (w/o foot)

H 360 x W 360 x D 360mm (w/o foot)
H 15.1 x W 14.1 x D 14.1 inches (w/ foot)
H 385 x W 360 x D 360mm (w/ foot)
Weight 56.2 lbs (25.5kg)
Shipping size L 19.2 x W 19.2 x H 19.6 inches
L 490 x W 490 x H 500mm
Shipping weight 64 lbs (29kg)
Warranty 3 years (from original purchase date)

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