Fiera4 - 4 Channel Amplifier

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The Starke Sound Fiera4

Our ongoing pursuit of better sound quality led to the 2nd-generation, Class D, Fiera4 with proprietary power and amplifier modules. It is a unique 4-channel amp that can be bridged for 2 or 3-channel operation using simple switches on the rear panel. Upgrade the sound of your audio-video receiver, driving left, center and right speakers. Add height channels for an immersive rig, or power an audiophile 2-channel music system. Welcome to flexibility, substantial power, great value: Fiera4. 


What is New in the Generation 2 Fiera4 Amplifier?

The Fiera4 is the evolution of our wildly successful AD4. A number of enhancements have been made to create our best sounding and performing 4 channel amplifier ever!

These enhancements include:

  • A newly designed, highly efficient, switching power supply
  • Upgraded NS600 Amplification module with an extensively redesigned front end
  • Improved Chassis
  • Improved Internal Shielding
  • Improved Wiring Paths

Shielded Switching Power Supply (SAPS)

Starke has developed a new power supply for the Fiera4. Why did we make this change? We wanted control over the physical size, the switching frequency, and power output envelope to precisely match what we needed to make the Fiera4 great. 

The physical size – including heat and EMI shielding – was set to match our ID and manufacturing systems so we could get exactly the final look we wanted.  Developing our own and thinking about the mechanicals at the very beginning simplified the entire process, even down to how the SMPS and the amplifiers are connected – we placed the connectors so that we have the shortest interconnects possible.

We tuned the switching frequency to not be an even multiple of the main class D switching frequencies until several hundred MHz. The amplification modules and SMPS boards are physically separate so there is no shared ground plane, which keeps noise down even further.

We designed it to provide as much power as we need, and deliver 100% of that power at all times, without brownouts or without high idling losses.  

NS600 Module

For true audiophile performance, Starke Sound’s electronics team developed the new NS600 amp module. Implementing the high efficiency of class D with all circuits supporting maximum sound quality, the Fiera4 also offers the flexibility of 4-channel or bridged 2 or 3-channel operation. Fiera4 is an ideal combination of value and performance.

Why did we design our own amplification module? Because we get exactly what WE want, and we can. Designing and building class D amplifiers is NOT an easy thing to do. It’s a very complex process, which is why nearly everyone else uses off the shelf modules. But when you can design your own, you get what you want.

For example, look at the way we implement gain. We have 21.5 dB of gain in our module; most off the shelf modules are 26, and thus we’d have to add a preamplifier circuit in front, to cut 4.5 dB of gain. Why do we want 21.5? It’s a happy compromise between professional audio/installed (big ticket) home theater, and traditional consumer home audio levels.

We also can get the BEHAVIOR we want! Check out how it bridges – unlike anyone else.  You don’t have to put your speaker between a pair of positive terminals – ever!  YOU decide if it’s a 2/3/4 channel amp, flip the bridging switches as needed, and ALWAYS connect the speakers to a positive and negative binding post.

Input functionality – we don’t need an adapter board for converting between balanced/unbalanced, we can do that on the main amp board where signals are better buffered and post-switch traces are kept short.

In summary, when you do your own, you get your own, and it fills all needs you want.  There’s no need to figure out how to integrate, change our mechanicals to support another design, etc.  We can use common screws throughout and place them screws where they are easiest/best looking and manage our thermals based upon where WE want the heat to go, etc.  As Greg Mackie was fond of saying, “Those who tool, rule!” – make your own and you get exactly what you want every time.


Chassis Mounted XLR and RCA Connections

The Fiera4 supports both balanced and unbalanced sources. Be confident that no matter your source the Fiera4 can make it sing!

Multichannel Flexibility

Combining the high efficiency of class D and the warm sound of class AB amplifiers, the Fiera4 also offers the flexibility of 4-channel or bridged 2 or 3-channel operation. The Fiera4 is a perfect combination of usability and performance.

Unique Designs Unique to Starke Sound

Starke Sound has leveraged its extensive engineering talent, lead by Dan Wiggins, to create innovative and unique products for over 10 years. This amplification technology and design can only be found in 1 place: the Fiera4.

Output Power 130 W RMS at 8 Ω (4-channel output, 1%THD)
260 W RMS at 4 Ω (4-channel output, 1% THD)
450 W RMS at 2 Ω (BTL mode,2-channel output)
Power Type Class D
Frequency Response 10Hz - 20Khz  -1.2DB
Maximum output current per channel 16.5A/33A(Bridge)
Signal-To-Noise Ratio(SNR) >110dB, “A” weighted at 4Ω 260W
Input terminals 4-Channel RCA Input
4-Channel XLR Input
Output terminals 4 pairs of Beryllium copper binding posts
Color options Black
Full Size W 17.7 x H 5.5 x D 13.4 inches (w/ foot& faceplate)
W 450 x H 140 x D 340mm (w/ foot& faceplate)
Weight 19 lbs (8.6 kg)
Shipping size L 21 x W 16.7 x H 7 inches
L 535 x W 425 x H 178 mm
Shipping weight 25.1 lbs (11.4 kg)



 External measurements from Soundstage: Link

 External Measurements from Secrets of Home Theater and HiFi: Link



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