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Featured Product of the Month SW15 - PREORDER

Due to unprecedented demand, our inventory for the SW15 has been completely depleted—our best subwoofer yet is currently sold out! Don't miss out on securing yours; we've now opened a PREORDER for the SW15 subwoofer. Order today to guarantee your price and place in line for a mid-June delivery. Secure your spot now for the best deal in bass!

Elevate your home entertainment with the SW15 Subwoofer, the ultimate centerpiece for any home theater setup. This 15-inch subwoofer is expertly crafted with a meticulously sealed enclosure, delivering unparalleled audio performance that will transform your space. Whether it's for a high-powered home theater subwoofer or a precise low-end extension for your audio system, the SW15 stands out as the affordable subwoofer that exceeds expectations.

Experience immersive, captivating soundscapes with our sealed subwoofer design, which combines deep, resonant bass with the crispest of audio clarity. If you're in search of the best subwoofer for your home, the SW15 is your answer—where precision meets power in every note.

We also offer a 12 inch subwoofer and an affordable ported subwoofer design, check out the SW12 and SW15P today!


Who is Starke Sound

Fiera 8 Amplifier

We've enhanced our highly acclaimed Fiera4 by offering an upgraded version with 8 channels, featuring powerful Class D amplification and exceptional audiophile sound quality, utilizing cutting-edge circuits designed specifically for the new Fiera4. This singular component is all you need to elevate your entire multi-channel setup. Experience the future of home theater with this modern upgrade.



Created in California

In 2009, a group of Southern Californian designers, engineers, and audio enthusiasts founded Starke Sound, aiming to innovate in audio technology and design for the audio enthusiast.

Music and Home Theater

We craft speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers for home theater enthusiasts, ensuring memorable experiences in any room, size, or budget.

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Enjoy peace of mind with our 8-year warranty on drivers and enclosures, coupled with a 2-year warranty on all electronic components

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